Welcome to SAS of Fayetteville

  • Serving Fayetteville, Ft. Bragg, Cumberland Co. & the Southern Pines and Pinehurst, NC area
  • SAS Shoes are handcrafted in San Antonio, Texas
  • Since 1976
  • Specializing in hard-to-find sizes:
    • 4-12- S, N, M, W, WW & WWW for ladies
    • 6-15- S, N, M, W, WW & WWW for men

Comfortable shoes are part of the good care your feet deserve.

In an average lifetime, a person’s feet will carry them between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. That’s six to eight times around the earth. And for the entire distance, our feet will be levers, balancers, and shock absorbers.

It makes good sense to keep them comfortable and healthy.

SAS Shoes of Fayetteville, 214 Owen Dr., Fayetteville NC, 28304, (910) 438-9191
Independently Owned and Operated